Page Sources and Tabs

An IPageSource represents 0-n pages that are handled the same way; this includes rendering, cursor events, navigation etc. An ITab is a user-configurable IPageSource, and may be composed/delegate to multiple other IPageSource.

An IPageSource that is not an ITab is generally a low-level re-usable building block; for example:

  • ImageFilePageSource is used by DCSBriefingTab and FolderPageSource
  • PlainTextPageSource is used by DCSRadioTab, DCSBriefingTab, and PlainTextFilePageSource
  • FolderPageSource is used by FolderTab, DCSAircraftTab, and several others
  • PlainTextFilePageSource is used by TextFileTab

FolderTab and TextFileTab differ from FolderPageSource and PlainTextFilePageSource in that they:

  • provide a tab glyph and title
  • understand JSON settings
  • can be chosen by the user in Settings-> Tabs -> Add Tab