This feature is disabled by default to reduce complexity for new users.

Profiles can override almost any setting, except for OpenXR support; among others, this includes:

  • bindings
  • games
  • tabs
  • position

Profiles are frequently used to:

  • save different positions for different aircraft in the same game
  • show different tabs for different aircraft
  • show different tabs for single player vs multiplayer, or when flying with different virtual squadrons
  • use entirely different configurations for different games
  • use entirely different configurations for VR vs non-VR
  • use different settings for day and night missions

Enabling profiles

Enable support for multiple profiles in OpenKneeboard Settings -> Advanced.

Adding, renaming, or deleting profiles

Click on the profile switcher in the top left of the OpenKneeboard window, then click ‘edit profiles’.

Switching profiles

You can switch profiles with:

  • the profile switcher in the top left of the OpenKneeboard window
  • remote controls, e.g. from Voice Attack or a StreamDeck
  • the in-game menu if you are using OpenKneeboard with a graphics tablet

Automatically switching profiles

OpenKneeboard does not currently have built-in support for this, however it is possible to script this via OpenKneeboard’s API.

The ‘Default’ profile

The Default profile is used as the base settings for all other profiles - if you do not change a setting in another profile, the current setting from the Default profile will be used.

For example, if you change input bindings in the Default profile, this will affect all other profiles you have created, except for ones that already have bindings for that device.