Multiple Views

OpenKneeboard supports multiple ‘views’ in VR; for flight simulators, this might be a kneeboard on each knee, or for racing sims, it might be one-per-overlay.

Each view can show a different tab, or the same tab, but they are just different views of the same content. For example, if you draw on a page in one view, those drawings will be visible whenever that page is open in any view.

Enabling multiple views

Additional views can be added in Settings -> VR. Click the “+” button to the right of Kneeboard 1.

Removing a view

Open Settings -> VR.

To temporarily disable a view, select the view, then turn off ‘enabled in VR’.

To permanently remove a view, click the ‘x’ next to the view’s name.

Switching between views

You can optionally bind a button or combination to swap the two first two views in OpenKneeboard Settings -> Input; this is currently the main way to use Dual Kneeboards without VR, but is also supported in VR; you can also switch kneeboards with the remote controls, e.g. from Voice Attack or a StreamDeck.

In VR, looking at a view will make it the active view , and graphics tablet or bindings will affect that view ; you can see if this is working because the in-game toolbar will move to the active kneeboard.

You can disable this behavior in advanced settings, or tune the behavior with the ‘gaze target’ options in VR settings.