Dual Kneeboards

OpenKneeboard supports multiple kneeboards (usually one on each knee), but this feature is disabled by default to reduce complexity for new users.

Enabling dual kneeboards

Dual kneeboards can be enabled in OpenKneeboard Settings -> Advanced

Positioning the second kneeboard in VR

Currently, the second kneeboard is always displayed in the ‘mirror’ position of the first kneeboard. To position the kneeboards:

  1. recenter OpenKneeboard; it’s generally best to use the same binding as you use for recentering the game in VR
  2. position the primary kneeboard over one knee
  3. the second kneeboard will be over the other

Things generally don’t work well if you use the position settings to adjust between play sessions - instead, use a recenter binding. If you use OpenKneeboard with multiple games or aircraft, you might find profiles useful.

Switching between kneeboards

You can optionally bind a button or combination to switch between the two kneeboards in OpenKneeboard Settings -> Input; this is currently the main way to use Dual Kneeboards without VR, but is also supported in VR; you can also switch kneeboards with the remote controls, e.g. from Voice Attack or a StreamDeck.

In VR, looking at a kneeboard will make it the active kneeboard, and graphics tablet or bindings will affect that kneeboard; you can see if this is working because the in-game toolbar will move to the active kneeboard.

You can disable this behavior in advanced settings, or tune the behavior with the ‘gaze target’ options in VR settings.